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I conduct myself with dignity and don’t abuse my privilege: Osman Khalid Butt


As ‘MeToo gains momentum globally, it has reached Pakistan with full force. Renowned personalities such as social media influencer Junaid Akram and Edhi Foundation Chairman Faisal Edhi recently came under fire by several women for sexual misconduct.
However, while this just might be the opening of a Pandora’s Box, Osman Khalid Butt reveals why he won’t be accused of harassment by any woman.
The Baaghi star is gearing up for an upcoming multi-starrer project Baaji, directed by Saqib Malik, which also includes big names such as Meera, Ali Kazmi and model Amna Ilyas.
Butt took to Instagram to write a heartfelt note for Ilyas on her birthday. He wrote, “Happy birthday, you. I am so grateful you were my Neha in Baaji – what a roller-coaster it’s been, eh? Here’s to all the backstage laughs and shenanigans, the intensity and dedication with which you portrayed your character, to you practically playing my shrink when I’d forget to detach from my role. Here’s to the beautiful friendship formed along the way.”
“Thank you for letting me into your life. To all the happiness and success you so richly deserve, a toast,” added the Balu Mahi star.
On the aforementioned post, a user commented, “Please be careful because after some time she would be accusing you of harassment because MeToo.”