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All ATR aircrafts are in working position

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KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) all ATR aircrafts are in operation and there is no need to ground its ATR Aircrafts.

PIA spokesman said that except for aircraft having routine maintenance, none of the aircraft are grounded. PIA spokesman further said that the airline has not made or given any statement to ground its ATR aircraft.

All ATR aircraft are conducting their routine flight operations.

PIA plans to induct latest technology fuel efficient aircraft in its fleet, to make new additions and or replace its aircraft as per airline’s requirement and business needs. However, there is no  plan to ground aircraft by end of August 2021 as claimed in the new story. 

He said that safety is and has always been the foremost priority of PIA.

Such type of news damages the image of the organization and PIA reserves the right to defend its self and take legal course of action against the news outlets that aim at defaming the National Flag Carrier (PIA).

Furthermore no one approached the spokesman of the airline to verify the alleged claims as made in the news story. The news story is false and baseless, concluded PIA spokesman

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