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Arts Council organizes “Rang Haye Wafa and Ghazal Hain Lab Tere”

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KARACHI: Arts Council Karachi organized the launching ceremony of Ghulam Ali Wafa’s book in the Haseena Moin Hall. . Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Uzma Sheikh Waseem, Dr. Alia Imam, Meer Ahmed Naveed, Auj-e-Kamal, Rehana Roohi, Khalid Moin, Shayr Ali Shayr, Dr. Zaygam Zaman were among the speakers while the event was presided by Prof. Sahar Ansari.

Addressing the ceremony Prof. Sahar Ansari said that with each part of this book an encyclopedia can be prepared, Ghulam Ali Wafa is a great poet like his grandfather, he maintained his family values.

Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui said “Ghulam Ali has lived his life with great morality and cheerfulness, I congratulate him on his accomplishments”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Auj-e- Kamal said that after reading the book, it became clear how different the life of Ghulam Ali Wafa is. This book speaks about his hidden talent, he is a lyricist, a drum player, and a columnist, if you will read the book carefully you will realize that this book is Ghulam’s biography.

Expressing his views, poet Khalid Moin said that the humility of Ghulam Ali Wafa has always attracted others to him. He is a poet who has firmly linked his relationship with tradition.

The author of the book Ghulam Ali Wafa while expressing his views said that I am fortunate that the prominent personalities of the city are here today, we have to work together so that every poet can be the author. I am grateful to the president of the Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah, and all the speakers for making this event successful.

Concluding the event Shakil Khan and Mansoor said paid regards to the attendees on the behalf of the Arts Council Karachi.

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