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 ‘Cruise Service’ for tourists in ‘Open Sea’ to be launched in Karachi soon


Bahria Foundation is also going to build a huge 20-30 kilometer beach for the recreation activities of Pakistanis and foreign tourists with huge Resorts on sea side

KARACHI: The Bahria Foundation, a civilian welfare body of Pakistan Navy, is planning to launch ‘Cruise Service’ for the recreation activities of Pakistanis, who love to spend their few time in the ‘Open Sea’ with their families, children and friends.

“We had made partnership with the local businessman who will purchase three passenger cruises for this purpose and the operation would be commenced by the end of December or sometime in January 2019,” said Commodore Akber Naqi, Deputy Managing Director of Bahria Foundation.

“Initially, we are planning for the journey in open sea, but after some time it could be extended up to Gwadar Port as the Foundation is also going to build a huge 20-30 kilometer beach for the recreation activities of  Pakistanis and foreign tourists with huge Resorts on sea side,” he claimed. These Resorts would have a capacity to deal with thousands of people at a time, he further said.

The Pakistani and foreign tourists would be allowed five-ten kilometer journey of open sea so that they can spend their time on the ships with their families, friends and children. During the journey the Navy cruise staff would provide all kind of food facilities to the passengers including seafood and others dishes on their demand.

According to the Foundation official, “the fare of cruise journey has yet to be determined and we are planning the lowest fare for the general public.” “The passengers of the cruise would be directly or indirectly in the supervision of most experienced Pakistan Navy staff,” he added.

The official said the cruise passengers cannot be allowed to go out of the Pakistani sea border as the government authorities will not allow for it, but the nearest places like Gwadar, Charna Island, and other places can be visited through luxury cruises.

In another task, the Bahria Foundation is also planning to develop 20-30 kilometer beaches for the recreation activities in Karachi, Hub and other places. These beaches would have all kind of standard facilities including huge Resorts etc and all these facilities would be provided from the Bahria Foundation.

Akber Naqi in a conversion with Pakistan Today said that first time in Pakistan’s history, the Bahria Foundation is planning such kind of recreation activities on the safe beaches for the people of Pakistan specially for Karachiites and the Pakistan Navy will support our programme. “On these beaches all water sports facility or Resorts would be constructed in next few months,” Akbar Naqi claimed.

The Pakistani families would be allowed recreation activities on the boats with all kind of seafood facilities. They can also bring their food with them.

The Foundation is also planning to get three cruises for this purpose.  With the passage of time, the Foundation will induct more cruises for recreation activities. They families may enjoy their journey with much fanfare offering on board entertainment from dreamy cinematic scenes to live captivating concerts and best DJ performances, mind-boggling magical shows and halal meals packages.

There would be all kind of music on the deck as well as the ever popular duty-free shopping etc. The Foundation was offering various packages for eager sea fares with the lowest fare.

Earlier, a similar cruise operation was initiated by another private company which was launched by the than President Parveez Musharraf, but it could not be continued owing to the some hurdles from the customs, Pakistan Navy, Karachi Port Trust and others government institutions.

The cruise company officials were reluctant to say anything about the future of the cruise service but the resources of the Karachi Port deem that the cruise of Dream Cruise has darted off somewhere but the dream still remains there.