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FIA’s SBC apprehends Faisal Haroon involved in escalating sugar prices

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KARACHI:  The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) State Bank Circle (SBC) apprehended Faisal Haroon, a close friend of accused Roshan Lal involved in Sugar Satta in Karachi, FIA sources claimed here on Friday.

The FIA’s officials also seized incriminating material from his possession and are making further investigation against him.

FIA officials said that they raided a flat in premises at Arkay Square New Challi area of Karachi from where Roshan Lal s/o Jammu Mal and his friend Faisal Haroon and other re-started his illegal business of escalating sugar prices illegally.

The official said that secret probe has revealed Roshan Lal s/o Jamna Mal & his satta agents viz. Faisal Haroon and others are again dishonestly and fraudulently indulged in artificial increasing sugar prices and its black marketing, showing the shortage of sugar stocks, while sugar stocks are lying unsold or sold/un- lifted in the godowns.

They are also operating various bank accounts and benami bank accounts to conceal / disguise illegitimate crime proceeds.

In context to cover their abnormal business activities Roshan Lal and others were executing purchase and sale of sugar from / to un-registered business persons without purchase / sale invoices.

They illegally maintain record of said sale / purchase in different registers and computer generated sheets.

The FIA’s SBC is still investigating of FIRs No 4/2021 in which the FIA Karachi was directed to take action against Sugar Mafia in Sindh.

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