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Lucky Motor issues safety warning for its customers

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KARACHI: Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMC) has issued a safety warning for its Sportage variants, asking customers to get their vehicles inspected due to a “potential electrical issue” that may result in “safety hazards”.

The company’s announcement follows that of Hyundai Nishat Motors’ recall of its Tucson vehicles in May due to a safety concern as well.

A post to this effect was issued by LMCL on Friday with the move being labelled Lucky Motor’s Special Safety Service Campaign.

To ascertain the fault and get it resolved, the company has asked Sportage owners to take their vehicles to the nearest authorised dealer for an inspection.

If needed, the dealerships will replace the faulty HECU fuse kits that are potential fire hazards. “We believe in eliminating potential hazards by taking prompt action for continuous safety and satisfaction of our valued customers,” LMCL said, adding that both the inspection and the component replacement will be done free of cost.

The company has also shared an online website link with its customers where they can check if their car is included in the list of affected vehicles.

Meanwhile, customers who verified if their vehicle needed to be inspected got one of two responses.

Last month, Hyundai Nishat Motor had recalled over 1,600 of its Tucson cars in Pakistan over concerns of a possible malfunction in the anti-lock braking system (ABS) module.

In a message to its customers, the company had warned that the malfunction could “potentially short-circuit”, and advised taking the vehicle to Hyundai dealerships for an inspection.

The recall was only directed at customers who had received deliveries within the first four months of the launch that occurred in August 2020 and had a chassis number between 0001 and 1611.

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