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SHC issues ‘status-quo’ on Umar Sharif’s property

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Umar Sharif
Veteran Actor Umar Sharif’s third wife Zareen Ghazal forced him to sign gift-deed on property papers located at Army Housing Colony, Askari-IV Ghulistane-Jauhar Karachi, petition claimed

KARACHI:  Justice Mohammad Ali Mazhar of Sindh High Court (SHC) Monday issued stay-order on a property of veteran Pakistani actor Umar Sharif in Askari IV, which according to petition was forcefully transferred to his third wife Syeda Zareen Ghazal.

The court also issued notices to Zareen Ghazal, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) and Advocate General Sindh (AG), Administrator Askari-IV and Sub Registrar of the area. The court also directed all the respondents shall maintain status-quo on the same property till the next hearing.

Umar Sharif as a plaintiff in the petition has claimed that his wife Zareen Ghazal forced him to sign gift-deed of property papers located at Army Housing Colony, Askari-IV Ghulistane-Jauhar Karachi. At that time, Umar Sharif said that he was seriously suffering from ‘dementia’ and his mental condition was not good.

Advocate Raja Aftab and Advocate Raja Sanaullah Khan appearing with his client also submitted his medical reports before the court. They further informed that all the documents are in possession of the defendant No 1 (Zareen Ghazal), therefore, he could not attach the same with the petition.

Umar Sharif has filed a statement along with ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) of Bank Dubai Islamic which shows that some loan finance facility was provided to him and his 3rd wife as co-applicant with him.

Learned counsels argued that there is imminent apprehension that if some restraining orders are not passed the Defendant No.1 will create third party interest in the property in question.

“Umar Sharif has approached the court for cancellation of gift-deed on the plea that the same was executed under force and compulsion,” the court order said.

After hearing arguments of the plaintiff lawyers, the court adjourned the petition till August 10 and issued notices to all respondents of the petition.

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