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Father of Atomic Nuclear Science Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan passes away

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Father of Atomic Nuclear science Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away Sunday morning at a Rawalpindi hospital after his health deteriorated.
Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was admitted in the hospital on Saturday night after his health started deteriorated. He was brought to the KRL hospital and he expired on Sunday morning at 6:00am.
Doctors tried their best to save the renowned scientist’s life, however, were unable to do so. Doctors have said Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away as his lungs collapsed.
Q. Khan, was a Pakistani nuclear physicist and metallurgical engineer who is colloquially known as the “father of Pakistan’s atomic weapons program”. Though, Khan is celebrated in Pakistan for bringing balance to the South Asian region after India’s nuclear tests; he is also noted for both for his scientific ability and for his difficult interpersonal relations.
An emigré from India who migrated to Pakistan in 1951, Khan was educated in Western Europe’s technical universities from metallurgical engineering department where he pioneered studies in phase transitions of metallic alloys, uranium metallurgy, and isotope separation based on gas centrifuges.
After learning of India’s ‘Smiling Buddha’ nuclear test in 1974, Khan joined his nation’s clandestine efforts to develop atomic weapons when he founded the Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) in 1976, and was both its chief scientist and director for many years.
Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed showered praise on the scientist, adding that all necessary arrangements were taken to save Dr Qadeer’s life.
When asked about the nuclear scientist’s funeral, Rasheed declined to comment, saying that he would speak on the matter later.
The hospital administration is trying to make arrangements to shift Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s body to his residence after which an announcement for the nuclear scientist’s funeral is expected to be made.

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