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Indian High Commission’s vehicle hits two pedestrians in Islamabad, police arrest employees

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ISLAMABAD: Two pedestrians were hit by a speedy black BMW QL-105 owned by the Indian High Commission, in which two Indian employees were travelling, initial report said adding that Police has taken the custody of vehicle and arrested the Indian officials.

The report said that two pedestrians were hit by the vehicle owned by Indian Embassy in Islamabad. Both the unknown pedestrians were shifted to hospital in critical conditions.

According to the initial reports, police have taken the custody of the vehicle and arrested the employees after chasing them. However, media report said that other citizens present on the occasion caught both the employees and handed them over to the Police.

Eyewitnesses said the car was being driven irresponsibly and had gotten out of control due to over-speeding. The victim was walking on the footpath at the road when he was run over by the car.

Islamabad police did not reveal the names of the employees, but the sources claimed that they have contacted with the Indian Embassy to know about their posts and other information. Police also informed about the incident to the Pakistan foreign office immediately.

Police said they cannot take action against them if they are high officials of the embassy and they are taking legal action against them. Police said they are further investigating the case.

According to Indian media two officials of the Indian High Commission ‘had gone missing’ in Islamabad.

“The officials were out for an official work before they went missing. The Indian government has taken up the matter with Pakistani authorities,” said the report.

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