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Maryam confirms Nawaz Sharif likely to undergo another bypass

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LAHORE: The doctors are mulling over third bypass surgery of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Reply to a fan on Twitter who had urged for prayers for Nawaz Sharif and said he might undergo for third bypass, Maryam confirmed it saying “Yes, the doctors are mulling over it though final recommendations still awaited.”

She went on to say, “Apart from the heart, the carotid arteries also either need stenting or surgery because the blood supply to the brain is compromised which puts him at risk of another stroke.”

Maryam also urged all her followers to pray for her father’s health.

Nawaz Sharif is on bail in Al-Azizia reference case for six weeks on medical grounds.

The Supreme Court on March 26 had suspended Nawaz Sharif’s sentence in Al-Azizia reference and granted him bail on medical grounds.


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