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PTI candidates to use ‘Batsman’ symbol , PTI sources

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ISLAMABAD: The existing leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Saturday asked its candidates to implement plan ‘B’ of using the symbol ‘Batsman’ during the forthcoming general election as it seems that the Supreme Court of Pakistan would not allow ‘Bat’ symbol to PTI.

PTI has moved Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) over ticket approval of PTI-Nazriati group candidates.

The candidates of PTI would be submit their on the documents of Tehreek-e-Insaf Nazaryati (PTI- Nazaryati) and its symbol would be a ‘Batsman’.

Sources said that the leadership of PTI has issued directions to its candidates to submit ‘Batsman’ symbol before their returning officers of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). In this connection, the source claimed that an accord had been reached between the parties leadership after negotiations.

After the Election Commission of Pakistan went to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Peshawar High Court, the party’s leadership mulled over the option for an alternative electoral symbol. PTI officials believe that the ‘bat’ and ‘batsman’ symbols are similar, making it easier for voters to identify with PTI, the source explained.

The PTI leadership took the decision to woo the Nazariati group, considering the possibility that the Election Commission of Pakistan would grant separate symbols to each party candidate, which would confuse voters.

A three member bench of the Supreme Court is still hearing the case of Election Commission of Pakistan challenging the decision of Peshawar High Court after allowing the Bat symbol to PTI. If the bat is denied, the PTI could inculcate easily in the voters’ minds to stamp on the batsman.

Today is the last day for the candidates to submit party’s letter. However, the sources claimed that after the decision of adopting Batsman symbol, the most of the candidates have been denying to allot Batsman symbol to the party candidates.

“The deadline has been approached, but our symbol has not been decided yet,” a PTI leader said, fearing that PTI’s candidates might not be able to submit tickets to returning officers.

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