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PTI government to fall by January: Bilawal Bhutto

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people of GB have shown trust in the opposition by voting far more for the opposition parties than the PTI, says Bilawal Bhutto

ISLAMABAD:  The government in Islamabad will be sent packing by January, Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said this while talking to journalists in Gilgit.

He said that the people of Gilgit Baltistan are supporting the PPP for the last three generations. The people of GB have shown trust in the opposition by voting far more for the opposition parties than the PTI. They have displayed mistrust of this fake PTI government.

He said that women were not allowed to vote in Tangir. The entire world knows about it through foreign media present in GB. He demanded to provide these 7000 women their right to vote. The law says that these women should be allowed to vote. The PPP jiyalas forced this election commission to recount and soon we will get the good news that PPP won other seats as well. The recounting has been ordered on GB-21 where ballot boxes were stolen. Elections are also being held in GB-3 and he appealed the people to vote for PPP in this constituency. He asked the Election Commissioner that what the delay in announcing the results is.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the election commissioner of GB has been proved to be biased in favour of the federal government. On whose instructions he held a press conference in Islamabad against opposition, he asked. Bilawal said that a journalist has tweeted a photograph of Election commissioner sitting with governor GB and PTI minister Amin Gandapur. He asked clarification from election commissioner of this photograph. The election commissioner not only sold the people of GB but also the land of GB. The reports of HRCP and FAFEN clearly show that rigging and violation of election laws happened in the GB elections. Fafen report says that at least three incidents of rigging and irregularities were reported from every polling station.

Chairman PPP saluted the people of GB who made difficult for the federal government to form the government in GB. He appealed to the independent winners not to trade their victory to a government which is about to end by January. Do not become a minister for two to three months, he said. He asked independent winners to protect the rights of people of GB by not being cheated by the federal government.

Responding to questions Chairman PPP said that PTI is telling every independent that he is the candidate of chief minister, this is befooling them but the PTI will not make them chief minister.  PTI is cheating all of them. PTI has not nominated their candidate for chief minister whereas PPP has announced its candidate. He said that the Sindh government was the first in announcing measures to deal with Covid-19 but Imran Khan had made them disputed. We have to send Imran Khan packing because he has failed on every front whether Kashmir cause to Covid-19 because PTI government does not have the capacity.

He said that we will tell the whole Pakistan about federal government’s rigging in GB from the stage of PDM public gathering in Peshawar. We will tell the people that the slogan of “vote par daka na Manzoor” is getting momentum in GB. He said that we have a program of public gathering, then a long march and then resignations from parliament and will do anything necessary to send Imran Khan Khan home.

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