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Shahzaib Trunkwala wants Pakistan participation in Socca World Cup

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KARACHI: Vice President International Socca Federation Shahzaib Mehmood Trunkwala wants Pakistan participation in the third edition of the Socca World Cup next year as well.

Thanks to the World Group that owns Leisure Leagues franchise, Pakistan featured in the inaugural and the second edition of the Socca World Cup held in Portugal and Greece in 2018 and 2019. The third edition could not be held due to coronavirus pandemic.

Shahzaib Trunkwala in the CEO of the World Group and has played important role in establishing International Socca Federation. 

In the first two editions of the Socca World Cup, Pakistan National Champion teams were sent. The national champions topped the podium after national championship. Each side made it to the final after winning city championships and previously district championships. It was a great rigorous activity involving thousands of footballers, hundreds of venues and matches.

“If we want to portray soft image of Pakistan, we should send strong teams international events and also host international teams and players in Pakistan,” Trunkwala said.

Leisure Leagues has done both. It was the first organization that managed to host mega sports stars in Pakistan after a long lull in international events in the country after terrorists attacked Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 in Lahore.

The mega stars included Brazilian Ronaldinho and Welshman Ryan Giggs in 2017 organizing two matches – one each in Karachi and Lahore under the banner Ronaldinho and Friends.   

Leisure Leagues has again started football activities after a gap due to Covid-19 situations.

It hosted Leisure Leagues Diplomats Season IV that Saudi Embassy won in Islamabad earlier this year.

Six teams representing embassies of Brazil, Spain, Japan, Iran, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE and Mixed International played 12 matches each on double league basis.

It also organized tournament for university and college teams. But lockdown restrictions have again forced Leisure Leagues to hibernate again.

“But we will start activities as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted,” Trunkwala said. “We will start our marathon process to find our national champion club that will go to Mexico next year to represent Pakistan.” 

“We will try to reach as many cities as possible to find the best team of the country.”

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