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Why Pakistan Super League is not good for the economy

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Lahore businesses to incur losses of approximately Rs 294 billion during PSL 2020

The business leaders have raised fingers at the popular Pakistan Super League, which will cause immense economic loss to the country.

According to one estimate, Lahore will have economic losses of Rs21 billion on every match day. Lahore will be hosting 14 matches out of the total of 34 matches. 

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) officials recently told media that one day closure of Liberty market and other surrounded markets would cause a loss of around Rs 21 billion to the trade and economic activities.

LCCI conceded that reviving international cricket would resurrect Pakistan’s soft image in the world but trade and economic activities were at least of equal importance.

“There should have been a proper plan in consultation with all stakeholders including persons, who will be getting affected by the closure of roads and markets,” LCCI President was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Agha Shahab doesn’t think PSL would portray a soft image of the country as complete cities will be kept hostage when the such events were supposed to provide entertainment to the citizens.

Agha questioned how a soft image is portrayed when several roads are blocked and there are security personnel everywhere to be seen.

He said that holding event in such a manner would not portray a soft image of the country since a sports event has been held under heavy security.

“If there’s information that a terrorists were active then it should be resolved and if there is a need of security personnel in high numbers around the venue of the matches then they can do it in civil clothes. Moreover, life should go on as usual in cities. Otherwise, I don’t think it is of any use,” he said.  

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