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There could be bloodbath when curfew in Kashmir is lifted: Imran Khan

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NEW YORK: Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan said that there could be a bloodbath when the curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir is lifted and urged the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) to take measures to stop India as it (India) will blame Pakistan.

Speaking on Kashmir issue and the Indian government’s decision to scrap the provisions under Article 370, Imran Khan said, “Indian Prime Minister did not know its consequences and what he had mistaken there.”

“Has PM Modi thought what would happen when the curfew in Kashmir is lifted? Do you think people in Kashmir would accept that you have withdrawn the special status?  Thousands of children in Kashmir have been put under detention.

They, too, will come out on the streets after the curfew in the state is lifted and the Army will shoot them. “Today also we hear about pellet guns being used by the Indian Army. But whatever happens in Kashmir after the curfew is lifted, there will be another terror attack like Pulwama and Pakistan will be blamed,” Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan said, “There are millions of Muslims in India. PM Modi, do you know what they must be thinking. If there’s a bloodbath, Muslims will become radicals. You are forcing Muslims into radicalisation. They will pick up arms.”

He said, “there is no other narrative left for India,” adding that there is another chance of a Pulwama-like incident to blame and ‘bomb’ Pakistan.

“India must lift this inhuman curfew,” said PM Imran, further saying that ‘picked-up persons’ from the valley should be released by India.

Due to these issues, eight million people under lockdown in the valley are likely to get radicalised, he said.

He addressed the UNGA, where he drew world attention to the emerging humanitarian crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir, among other issues.

He further said that Taliban were in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda was there; what did Pakistan have to do with it?

“When we came to power we decided we would dismantle what was left. I know India keeps alleging that these groups are there,” he added.

“I welcome UN observers, see for yourself.

“We now have a relationship with Afghanistan, Russia and then we wanted to mend fences with India.

“I have friends in India and I love going to India. So when my party came to power, we reached out to India and (said) let’s resolve differences through trade.

“Modi said there were terrorist attacks from Pakistan. We said well we have attacks in Balochistan from your end.

“Unfortunately we didn’t make any head way. Our foreign minister was at the UNGA but they cancelled the meeting.

“Meanwhile a 20-year-old Kashmiri boy blew himself up at the Indian convoy. And India blamed us.

“We told him (Modi) if you have an iota of proof send it. They bombed us (instead), and we retaliated.

“Modi’s entire campaign hinged on how he had killed ten trees of ours. He used words like ‘this is just a trailer and the movie has yet to begun.’

“So we thought it is just election rhetoric. We approached India after but then we discovered they wanted to push us into FATF blacklist.

“And then their agenda became obvious on August 5 when they went against all laws (and revoked occupied Kashmir’s autonomy).

“They (India) got an extra 180,000 troops there, the total forces are now 900,000. They have put eight million people under curfew.  “Now i must explain what RSS is. Modi is a life member (of RSS).

“It is an organisation inspired by Hitler and Mussolini. They believe in racial purity and superiority. They believe they are an Aryan race. “They believe in ethnic cleansing of Muslims. They believe a golden age of Hindu rule was stopped by Muslims and then the British occupation.

“What kind of people bring in 900,000 troops for eight million people. These are human beings,” said Prime Minister Imran to applause from the audience.

“What comes with Aryan superiority is arrogance and it makes people commit mistakes and do stupid cruel things like what Modi has done.

“Has he thought it through what happens then? Has anyone thought what happens when there is a bloodbath.

“What do you think they (Kashmiris) will think of the way they have been boxed in?”

He noted that even pro-India local leaders were taken out of Kashmir as part of the crack down and 13,000 boys were picked up and taken to unknown locations.

“What will the people do then? Take to the streets. The soldiers will then shoot them. They have already used pellet guns.

“And so Kashmiris will be further radicalised. There will be another Pulwana. And they (India) will blame us. “They are already blaming us. They said we have 500 terrorists lined up to go in.

“Why would we send 500 terrorists when there are 900,000 troops?

“There will only be further cruelty on Kashmiris. It will give them the excuse to chant on the mantra of Islamic terrorism. “The whole world then turns away.

“How do we (Pakistan) benefit from further increasing cruelty on the people of Kashmir?”

Prime Minister Imran said there is no other narrative left for India. “Whatever happens we will be blamed.

Money laundering ‘devastating developing world’

Prime Minister Imran, whose speech went beyond the allotted 15 minutes, said the second issue he was speaking about is even more critical — that of illicit financial flows.

“Every year billions of dollars leave the poorer countries and go towards rich countries, siphoned off by the ruling elites of the western world.

“This is devastating the developing world. It is impoverishing them. The rich-poor gap is growing because of them.”

He regretted that the seriousness with which money from drugs or terror financing is treated is not accorded to money laundered from poor countries.

“How will we help [our] 200 million people when we are just using all of our money for debt servicing? We could spend the money lost on our human beings.

“We do not have the money to spend millions on lawyers. We need help from the rich countries; they must show political will.

“How can poor countries spend money on human development?

“Unless the rich countries intend to build walls to stop economic refugees from coming in, there must be a deterrent.

“Corrupt elites must not be allowed to park their money (abroad). Why do we have these tax havens?

“Why shouldn’t rich people pay taxes? Why are they legal, these secret accounts?

“Sooner or later there will be a crisis if the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer.

“I hope the UN takes a lead on this. The IMF and ADB must find a way.”