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US-Afghan Doha deal welcomed wholeheartedly by Pakistan, says Qureshi

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Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomes Doha deal

ISLAMABAD: In a major development, the United States and Afghan Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar today (Saturday) which has been welcomed wholeheartedly by Pakistan, a press release by the foreign office on the matter expressed great jubilation on the development.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi who was present at this occasion, on the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar expressed his happiness to the media after the ceremony, the Foreign Minister welcomed the signing of the Peace Agreement and said that it carried immense importance — both in symbolism and substance — for Afghanistan, the region and beyond.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said the Peace Agreement reflected a significant step forward by the U.S. and the Taliban in advancing the ultimate aim of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. He also appreciated the personal contribution of His Highness Amir of Qatar to this process.

The Foreign Minister noted that Intra-Afghan negotiations would be the next logical step after today’s event. He hoped that the Afghan parties would now seize this historic opportunity and work out a comprehensive and inclusive political settlement for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region. He also underlined the need for the international community to recognize that Afghanistan will require support to commence reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.

Redrawing the international community’s attention to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, the Foreign Minister underscored the need to assist the Afghan government in creating an enabling environment for the return of the refugees to their homeland with dignity and honour.

Foreign Minister Qureshi reiterated that Pakistan will continue its policy of supporting the Afghan people in their efforts to achieve lasting peace, stability and development in Afghanistan.

Today’s ceremony has, once again, vindicated Pakistan’s long-held stance that there is no military solution of the Afghan conflict. Prime Minister Imran Khan has consistently underlined that a political settlement is the only way forward.

The Foreign Minister underlined that Pakistan had fulfilled its part of the responsibility in terms of facilitating this Peace Agreement. Pakistan will continue to support a peaceful, stable, united, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan, at peace with itself and with its neighbours.

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomes Doha deal

Prime Minister Imran Khan has welcomed a historic peace deal signed between the US and the Taliban in Qatar today.

Taking to Twitter shortly after the signing of the accord, he said: “We welcome the Doha Accord signed between US & the Taliban. This is the start of a peace & reconciliation process to end decades of war & suffering of the Afghan people.”

“I have always maintained that a political solution, no matter how complex, is the only meaningful path to peace.”