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Alibaba hosts ‘Pakistan Seller Summit’ of 190 countries

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LAHORE: A vibrant event ‘Pakistan Seller Summit’ was held Wednesday in Sialkot by Alibaba, to welcome the local businesses to join this resourceful platform. Highly interactive discussions were held by leading experts from Alibaba, along with specialists of global-logistics, senior bureaucrats and officials from Pakistani trade-associations, to train more than 200 participating entrepreneurs.

Alibaba is a globally leading digital platform and has now enabled access for the Pakistani businesses, allowing them to list their stores, to sell their products to B2B buyers around the globe.

The title of the summit was “Unlock Business Growth Code – Nonstop business opportunity with export e-commerce”. The forum also recognized successful sellers, whose businesses have grown multifold, facilitated by export ecommerce at Alibaba. Special facilities are now being offered by Daraz (Alibaba Group) to build capacity and improve performance of the SMEs in Sialkot.

The speakers also engaged the sellers who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, while sharing case-studies of success stories; how Alibaba helps to boost the business.

Shabina Gillani said, “this event promises to empower local businesses, by nurturing e-commerce in Pakistan by enabling global accessibility and nurturing e-commerce in Pakistan.

The president from Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and the other industrial associations enlightened the participants about how the SMEs can grasp the emerging opportunities for online business ventures. Valuable data and insights about the performance of each product-category and the buyers’ preferences were shared. This summit has achieved great milestones for recruiting new SME business to join”

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