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Total confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 757, increase 91 in 24 hours


18 more coronavirus cases detected in Karachi

KARACHI: Total confirmed coronavirus cases have gone up to 757 in Pakistan after an increase of 91 in just 24 hours. Sindh Covid-19 cases had touched 333 after an increase of 41 in a day.

According to the Sindh Health department, 18 more coronavirus cases were detected in Karachi on Sunday. The Health Department said Karachi’s count of COVID-19 positive patients has reached 123.

There are a total of 77 cases of local transmission in the port city so far, it added. 210 cases were detected in pilgrims at the Sukkur quarantine centre, the health officials said.

Sindh home department has issued a notice with details of the lockdown imposed in the province starting from today’s midnight.

“There shall be a complete ban on movement of people including Intercity or Interprovincial travel or gatherings of any kind for social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private, including all offices, public or private situated within the territorial limits of province of Sindh,” the notification read.

There are, however, certain personnel exempted from this including those related to:

  • Health services
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Those in need of medical care with an attendant where necessary
  • Person going to buy groceries and medicines
  • Necessary/unavoidable religious rites
  • Any exemption deemed necessary by the government

Those who are exempted will be allowed to:

  • Travel in single numbers
  • One person per family may go out to buy essential medicine, groceries etc with a driver only in the case of the elderly or handicapped
  • Person on vehicles carrying essential food items
  • Persons exempted to carry CNIC; should maintain social distance and take safety precautions