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Actor Uzma Khan requests DIG Police Punjab to meet her over Amna Usman issue

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Actor Uzma Khan, who recently tortured and defame by Amna Malik and her sisters daughters of Business Tycoon Riaz Malik Hussain, has said that Punjab police has failed to arrest the nominated accused in FIR and now she would like to meet Deputy Inspector General of Punjab and would accept whatever he will suggest to deal with them and any other suggestion over this issue.

Actor Uzma Khan has been asked to shift Dubai and any other country from the Punjab Police Department, she said in a recent video message at twitter here on Saturday night.

In the message Uzma said, “she has been receiving calls from her friends and people of different section of life that she had a deal with Amna Malik issue and shifted to Dubai.” “she said that she is in Lahore now.

Uzma Khan also requested DIG Punjab to meet as some of his subordinates are forcing her to compromise with Malik family, while some of them are asking to take money from Amna Usman and her family.

She said in the video message that she will accept whatever DIG Punjab will suggest — to compromise or any other suggestion from him as she is not getting forgiveness over this issue.

Uzma Khan said that she and her sister are receiving calls with life threats to compromise with Amn Malik family otherwise she would be killed or would be implicated in other cases after one or two years.

“My and my sister life is in endanger” she said in the video clip. She also thanked her lawyers and friends who supported her.

Uzma Khan, who got fame from the film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, along with her sister is being alleged of having an extramarital affair with a married man and was caught on camera by Amna Usman and her sisters.

A short clip of video went viral on social media on Tuesday, showing Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan being interrogated by unknown women alleging to have had caught them red-handed while having an extra-marital affair with Usman Malik.

The woman whose voice can be heard in the video clip claims to be the wife of Usman and is forcing the two sisters to accept sleeping with her husband.

There seems to be a controversy involved if they caught them red-handed, man’s identity should have also been exposed, not just alleging Uzma Khan and Huma Khan.

Over the pressure of social media, Lahore Defense Police has lodged an FIR of this case against Amna Malik and her sisters on last Thursday, but did not arrest any member of this powerful family. Some of the social media tweets claims that Amna Malik and her sisters have been shifted to London through a special chartered plane on Thursday night.

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