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Hyundai Nishat announces delay in ‘TUCSON’ delivery in Pakistan

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KARACHI: After Suzuki, MG Motors, Prince DFSK, Changan, and KIA, the Hyundai Nishat Motor (Pvt) says it won’t be able to make on-time deliveries of Hyundai Tucson due to the international shortage of semiconductor chips.

The car manufacturing companies around the globe are suffering from the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pakistani auto industry bears no exception. The global crisis has taken down many of our automakers.

Hyundai Nishat Motor said on its social media account: “we at Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited has tried to fulfill our commitments despite the pandemic. However, the shortage is a situation we cannot control resulting in the delayed deliveries of the Hyundai TUCSON for many of our customers. We will not stop looking for solutions, but till we do, we request you to please bear with us.”

As per media reports, the semiconductor chip crisis could last for almost a year, which means that automakers around the world will have to go through massive sales losses in 2021.

The good thing about Hyundai Nishat addressing the issue of late car deliveries are that they have apologized for the delay just like everybody else did. They have also mentioned that the company is not taking any more bookings for Tucson until they make sure that the already booked vehicles make it to their owners’ homes.

All the car companies are announcing delay in vehicle deliveries as the federal government is going to impose penalties on automotive industries. The government will start imposing penalty on the car companies if they fail to make deliveries within 60 days of booking.

According to the media reports, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Industries and Production, recently chaired by Sajid Turi, decided to impose a fine of 3% plus Kibor (Karachi Interbank Exchange Rate) on car companies that delay deliveries. The rate will be charged on the amount the buyer has paid.

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