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Islamabad police recovers fake Pak currency from officials of IHC

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ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police on Tuesday have recovered fake Pakistani currency from an officials of Indian High Commission (IHC) during investigation of a hit and run case in Islamabad.

According to details, the officials of the Indian High Commission found involved in trading of fake Pakistani currency as the police seized fake Rs 10,000 from Indian official Silvades Paul. The tenure of the Indian High Commission official to expire in December 2020, sources added.

It may be noted that police had apprehended two Indian High Commission officials in a hit-and-run case in Islamabad.

Later on Monday, the officials of the Indian High Commission were released in the case from Islamabad after foreign office had confirmed that they enjoy diplomatic immunity.

The arrested officials were handed over to the senior diplomats of the Indian High Commission.

The release came after Foreign Office confirmed to Islamabad police that the two officials were staff members of the Indian High Commission.

“Both staff members enjoy diplomatic immunity and should be released,” the foreign ministry had conveyed to the police, leading to their release.

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